Is English Breakfast a Black Tea?

English Breakfast is one of the most common types of tea available in Australia and around the world. If you’re not a tea drinker you might not know what type of tea English Breakfast tea is.

Is English Breakfast a Black Tea

Yes, English Breakfast tea is a black tea. There is no difference between black tea and English breakfast, it is just a type of black tea. If you ask for a black tea in a cafe the staff may ask you what type of black tea you would prefer. English Breakfast will almost always be one of the available options. While there are countless blends and types of black tea, English Breakfast is one of the most common in the western world.

What’s the Difference Between English Breakfast and Normal Tea

Nothing! English Breakfast is one of the most normal teas. It’s just an ordinary black tea blend that is super common.

What is English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast is a blend of black teas. These days the black teas can originate from all over the world. In general there will be a higher percentage of Ceylon tea in an English Breakfast. The teas are blended to achieve the “English Breakfast” taste.

Our Favourite English Breakfast Teas

T2 English Breakfast

T2 makes an excellent T2 English Breakfast Tea made from 100% Ceylon tea. It’s bright and fresh and perfect for drinking any time of day. It comes in both Tea Bags or Loose Leaf.

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What does English Breakfast Tea Taste Like?

English Breakfast is a full-bodied and robust black tea blend. It’s what most Australians and Brits consider a cup of black tea to taste like. An English Breakfast won’t be smoky, but fresh and invigorating, perfect for a morning cup of tea.

How to Brew English Breakfast Tea

I like to brew English Breakfast tea using 90-95 degree water (you’ll need a smart kettle to do this) and depending on whether I’m using leaves or bags I’ll let it steep for around 3-5 minutes.

When Can You Drink English Breakfast Tea

While it’s named a “breakfast tea” the reality is you can drink it anytime of day. There is no right or wrong time to drink it. Some people prefer the bright taste of an English Breakfast compared to the maltier tastes of an Afternoon Tea and will drink it anytime of day.

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