Is it Worth Getting a Variable Temperature Kettle?

Have you been thinking about getting a variable temperature kettle? It can be a useful addition to your kitchen especially if you drink different teas. Here’s my guide on whether it’s worth getting a variable temperature kettle.

Breville Variable Temperature Kettle

What is a variable temperature kettle

A variable temperature kettle (sometimes also known as a smart kettle) allows you to adjust the temperature at which the water is heated to. Regular kettles only boil water to ~100 degrees.

A variable temperature kettle typically has a number of preset temperatures that can be used to make a variety of hot drinks. Some variable temperature kettles also have features to keep warm or hold a set temperature.

Is it worth getting a Variable Temperature Kettle?

If you enjoy drinking different types of tea, coffee and other hot beverages that require specific temperatures, a variable temperature kettle is definitely worth it.

Green and White teas require lower water temperatures than black tea to make the best tasting brew. A temperature that is too hot will result in a bitter tasting Green tea. Some herbal teas are best brewed at even lower temperatures.

If you make coffee using a French Press or Pour over, you typically also don’t want to use boiling water.

While a regular kettle is great for most black teas, other drinks really benefit from lower temperatures. If you regular brew these types of drinks then a variable temperature kettle will be a worthwhile investment.

The best variable temperature kettles in Australia

Most variable temperature kettles in Australia have the same features. They have a series of preset water temperatures. The big difference between kettles is the build quality. I tend to avoid the plastic kettles. They aren’t as common anymore and they definitely aren’t worth buying. They don’t tend to last long.

In terms of quality Breville tend to lead the pack in Australia. Russell Hobbs are a popular choice. The quality isn’t as good – especially the buttons, but they are still a decent pick and much cheaper then the Breville Smart Kettles.

If you’re looking for a “good looking” Kettle both the Smeg Kettle and the Breville Luxe range are good picks. You pay more for the looks, but they do look fantastic on a bench top.

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